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Name: Kevin Fossali   Age: 50 +   Grade:  3rd Kup   Training Since: Jan '14 *

Describe Yourself in     : Handsome, Intelligent, cheekyKevinF01
3 words                          (IC : Haha .. 2 out of 3 ain't bad)     

Best thing about TKD   : Being able to do something as a family
                                       is great, providing me with some
                                       'special' moments and memories

Describe your training  : Varied, fun and challenging
sessions in 3 words 
Favourite Technique     : Kyocha Joomuk Noollo Makgi                                                                          
Favourite Pattern          : Joong-Gun, mastering (well almost)
                                        confirms the progress that I have made

Best TKD achievement : Passing all my gradings to dateKevin02
Favourite food              : Generally all food, specially love Italian
                                       and lucky enough that Sharon cooks
                                       almost any, from the humble cookie to
                                       Cordon Bleu                                        

Favourite film               : Bourne Itentity
My inspiration              : I take inspiration from lots of different
                                      places and people, but very much like
                                      the underdog who makes good despite
                                      of everything (bit like myself)
What animal would you be :  An Otter - known to be slightly

What have you gained : A focus that stimulates the mind and
from practicing TKD       challenges the body

Instructors Comment    : Kevin is a fighter, he will not give in until he has overcome each
                                       obstacle he is faced with. He deservedly won the award for the
                                       "student who made the best personal progress" last year, because
                                       he continues to battle.  I feel great pride each time he perfoms his
                                       pattern or line work well. He has the tenacity to do well in TKD.
                                       He may be an Otter, but he has the heart of a Lion !!!

IC = Instructors Comment

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