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Name: Kevin Fossali      Age:53      Grade: 5th Kup     Training Since: Feb '14

Best thing about TKD   : The challenge / journey to becomming  
                                        a Black Belt. Being able to do it is a 
                                        family has been brilliant, met some
                                        great people and fortunate to have an
                                        instructor who is both passionate and
Favourite Technique     : I prefer kicking and punching, however
                                        more recently as I have become more
                                        proficient (some may disagree), I really
                                        enjoy doing patterns, even though I
                                        may have my own take on them. Come
                                        to think about it, I quite like sparring as
                                        well. I guess I really enjoy all aspects
                                        of TKD.
                                        (IC : Not really answered the question
                                                Kevin )

Favourite Pattern          : Joon Gun
Best TKD achievement : I won't feel that I have achieved
                                        anything until I have a Black Belt
                                        around my waist. I am extremely
                                        competitive and see this as a journey
                                        and I have have only just started (well
                                        maybe 1/2 way)

Favourite food               : I love food and would put Italian cuisine
                                        as my preferred choice. Sharon (wife)
                                        is a great cook and I get to enjoy lots of
                                        other different types of food and have a
                                        fondness for a good curry
Favourite music             : I often get accused of liking middle of
                                        the road stuff but having a liking for
                                        Soul / R&B, i.e. Luther Vandross,

                                        Freddie Jackson (IC : is he one of the
                                        Jackson 5 ?)
and the like. I was also a
                                        big fan of bands such as Wham and
                                        Spandau Ballet in the 80's and was
                                        often mistaken for one of the band
                                        members at the time (the choice is

                                        (IC : What happened ???)                                                         
Favourite film                 : Not really a film buff but find myself
                                        watching a lot of Tom Cruise and Jason
                                        Bourne type films
My inspiration                : My family. I try and do anything I do as
                                        well as I can do, and often find myself 
                                        saying 'my mum and dad would have
                                        been proud of that'. I admire people
                                        who have a similar philosophy and
                                        take inspiration from those who have
                                        done well despite setbacks. I consider
                                        Sharon as one of those people who has
                                        come back from a horrible injury to her
                                        knee to continue with her TKD.
                                        (IC : Injury caused by skiing and not

                                        Carlo, my son, also inspires me to do well, as one day I am sure he
                                        will say 'mum and dad would have been proud of that'
My TKD goal                 : Simple answer - To become a Black Belt, and of course share the
                                        journey with my wife and son.

My Super Power           : I don't feel I have any particular 'Super Powers' just consider
(If I had one)                    myself as being 'awesome'                             

Instructors Comment    : Great answers Kevin, very verbose, you obviously have a lot of time
                                        on your hands, and my hands are aching now from doing all this
                                        Anyway, Kevin is a trier (IC : he definitely tries my patience !), he
                                        does not give up and is a perfect example of Indomitable spirit.
                                        What Kevin lacks in natural ability he makes up in abundance with
                                        determination, will power and tenacity.  Kevin has made great                                                    progress in the last few months, and I have no doubt that Kevin,
                                        along with Sharon and Carlo, will one day make excellent Black

IC = Instructors Comment
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