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Name: Kerry Whiting        Age: 40       Grade:       Training Since: Dec 2013

Describe Yourself in     : Determined, Courteous, Fiesty
3 words

Best thing about TKD   : The way it helps you grow as a person,
                                        you don't just learn to physically
                                        practice TKD, if you pay attention to
                                        yourself and how you overcome your
                                        personal hurdles in training, your self
                                        control, persistance and confidence
                                        develops. Training is so much about
                                        training your mind, this has surprised
                                        me, but it;s really a good thing.

Describe your training  : Always worth it.
sessions in 3 words 
Favourite Technique     : X-Fist pressing block, Rising block and
                                       Elbow strike (IC : that's 3 Kerry )

Favourite Pattern          : Toi-Gye
Best TKD achievement : Getting my Black Belt
Favourite food              : I'll pretty much eat anything and enjoy
                                       it !. But got a soft spot for chocolate.
Favourite film               : Avatar
My inspiration              : There is no single thing. Inspiration can
                                       be found everywhere and anywhere. I 

                                       do find a lot of inspiration in an
                                       'underdog' story, where somebody
                                       defeats the odds.

What animal would you be :  A Wolf (IC : I can see that)   

What have you gained
from practising TKD      : So much that I think I could write a 
                                        book!. I'll try to keep this short though.
                                        I've gained a 'can do' attitude, it
                                        doesn't matter how hard something is,
                                        it can be done it may just take
                                        persistence and courage.                              

Instructors Comment    : Kerry has developed into a mature
                                       student who is an exemplary Black
                                       belt. She has overcome many hurdles
                                       to achieve what she has, she is a 

                                       perfect example of a student that
                                       practices the tenets of TKD.
                                       She is wise and level headed, I 

                                       am proud that she is a member of our
                                       TKD club, and an inspiration to other

IC = Instructors Comment


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