Student Profile

Name: Bonnie Ruther     Age: 14    Grade:  7th Kup    Training Since: Sept' 17
Describe Yourself In      : Loud, Friendly, ConfidentBonnieR01
3 Words

Best Thing About TKD  : The amount of determination everyone has to
                                        be amazing at TKD

Describe Your Training : Exciting, Challenging, Interesting
3 Words       

Favourite Technique     : Turning Kick

Favourite Pattern          : Do-SanBonnieR02

Best TKD Achievemnt  : Leaning so much so quickly
Favourite Food             : Pizza
                                       (IC : yumyum ...Vegetarian Supreme..)

Favourite Film               : Sinister
My inspiration                : My Family

What Animal Would You: Be : A Lion
                                        (IC : yes, I can see that )

What have you gained from : Perseverance and Confidence
Practicing TKD                     

Instructor's Comment     : Hannah is a gre

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