Regency Tae Kwon-Do

Photography Policy

The business of Regency Tae Kwon-Do can involve the photography of children and young persons in relation to:

  • Administration (ID badges etc)
  • Coaching and training aid
  • Advertising, Publicity and Promotional works.

There is no intention to stop Parents/carers photographing their children, club mates, or photography and video being used as an educational tool but this is in the context of appropriate safeguards being in place. However, there is evidence that some people have used sporting events as an opportunity to take inappropriate photographs or film footage of young and disabled sportspeople in vulnerable positions. Regency Tae Kwon-Do will be vigilant with any concerns reported to the appropriate authorities. Any parent who wishes to photograph their child must firstly inform the instructor or competition organiser. 

Videoing may be used as a legitimate coaching aid. However, students and their parents/carers should be aware that this is part of the coaching programme, and care will be taken in the storing of such films.

  • Where students are used in promotional material, the appropriate consent will be obtained
  • If the student is named, the photograph will not be used without first obtaining the appropriate consent,
  • If the photograph is used, the individual will not be named, without first obtaining the appropriate consent. Parental permission will be sought to use any image of any such participant.

Photography of young students at Regency Tae Kwon-Do and/or associated events is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 regarding the rights of individuals to have information of a personal nature treated in an appropriate manner and the Human Rights Act 1998, protecting the privacy of individuals and families. As well as these statutory rights, restrictions on photography arise from issues of child protection.

The purpose of the photography will be explained to the parents of the child and or the young person themselves if over the age of 16 years and written permission sought on the registration/disclaimer form. No Child or young person will be subjected to any photography unless permission has obtained.

Parental photography forms an enduring part of each family’s record of their child’s progress, celebration of success and achievement, as well as being an established social practice. Where practical, arrangements will allow photography to be taken by parents and others attending such events. Photography will not be permitted, however, where the smooth running event and/or health and safety of persons is or may be compromised Parental photography must not include any child or young person whose parent has refused permission for any reason. This may mean photography opportunities will be offered before or after the event for those who wish to be involved. Parental photography is secondary to the main aims and purposes of events and will not be allowed to interfere with the opportunities for the child or young person to participate.

A person requesting to take photography at any Regency Tae Kwon-Do class or associated event, as a spectator, shall only do so by firstly seeking the permission of the Instructor or event organiser.


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