Belts And Grades

Progression in Tae Kwon-Do is measured with the colour of the belt worn by the student, which also denotes their grade.

There are 10 grades, also known as Kups. The order of the grades and belt colours, from beginner to Black belt are:

  • 10th Kup         White Belt
  • 9th Kup           White Belt with a Yellow stripe
  • 8th Kup           Yellow Belt
  • 7th Kup           Yellow Belt with a Green stripe
  • 6th Kup           Green Belt
  • 5th Kup           Green Belt with a Blue stripe
  • 4th Kup           Blue Belt
  • 3rd Kup           Blue Belt with a Red stripe
  • 2nd Kup          Red Belt
  • 1st Kup           Red Belt with a Black stripe

          1st Dan           Black Belt

Each Belt colour has a symbolic meaning :

  • White      - Signifies Innocence, that of the student having no previous knowledge of TKD
  • Yellow     - Signifies Earth from which the plant (student) sprouts, as TKD foundations are being laid
  • Green      - Signifies Growth, as TKD skills begin to develop
  • Blue         - Signifies Heaven, towards which the plant grows as the TKD skills begin to mature
  • Red          - Signifies Danger, warning the student to take control and the opponent to stay away
  • Black       - Black is opposite to white, signifying proficiency in TKD, and imperviousness to darkness and fear

Students are graded at set intervals (every 3 months up to blue belt, and then every six months), to demonstrate their Tae Kwon-Do ability and skills.  After each successful grading the student is rewarded with their next belt and a certificate.

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